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Pelvic Balancing for Pregnancy


Would you like to optimise your chances of having an undisturbed birth, or to avoid an induction by encouraging spontaneous labor?

You don't need to have a breech baby to benefit from Spinning Babies...

Benefits include:

  • Creating space for baby within the pelvis

  • A feeling of 'more space' and less tension or pain in the hips, sacrum, belly, diaphragm and lower back

  • Encouraging a spontaneous labour

  • Encouraging a shorter labour

  • Reducing the potential for baby to 'get stuck' during childbirth - allowing labor to progress naturally

  • Creating space to allow a breech, transverse or posterior baby to reposition themselves

  • A reduced risk of caesarean, epidural or forceps delivery

  • A more positive birthing experience

There are simple, non-invasive techniques (as listed on that will give you the ability to relieve pain, create space for baby and prepare your body for childbirth (without having to leave the house or spending money on a regular basis!).

You can start from as early as the second trimester and in fact, the more regularly you practice, the more effective the exercises will be!


If you're not exactly sure if you're 'doing it right' and you'd like some help, or if you'd like to learn more...

Come and see me for a Pelvic Balancing session


Together we'll walk through the techniques described on this page, which cover:

  • Rebozo sifting - to encourage deep relaxation of the broad ligament, smooth muscles and mind

  • Forward Leaning Inversion - to give room in the lower-uterine segment

  • Side-lying Release - to give room in the pelvis and soften, or balance the pelvic floor

  • Standing Sacral Release - to allow sacrum and sacral ligaments room for expansion and mobility

Please note that we'll only go through non-invasive, external techniques in a Balancing session.

Balancing sessions are a great way to learn how to safely practice these exercises with a trained and experienced practitioner, and are handy if you're struggling to find the time to do them with a helper at home.


Spinning Babies offer a wealth of free, expert information on solutions for pregnancy and natural childbirth. I strongly believe that every midwife, obstetrician, birth attendant and birthing woman will hugely benefit from these techniques.



Wishing you the best for your pregnancy and I hope to see you soon,